Artist Statement

Jonathan Hampton’s practice is rooted in drawing with a fantastical touch. The subject matter ranges from the minute everyday details of found imagery to the geometric urban landscape. Overwhelmed by the ever-expanding platforms of connection, Hampton’s work re-assembles the real into an imagined world.
Referencing people, cultures and found visuals, he obscurely adapts pre-existing motifs and patterns, adopting the role of re-mixer, producer and director, re-composing imagery. Unfolding like an advertisement for nothing, the work is informed by mechanisms of misinformation, re-assembling unrelated images like a jigsaw puzzle.
The ambition of the work is to project an accessible yet ambiguous visual language. A balance exists in the work between the hard-edged dynamic of geometric patterns, compositions and figurative elements that suggest an obscure narrative alluding to a spectacle, yet unable to deliver. Quoting falling, floating, flying and dancing motifs, the content of the image acts as an empty signifier to the viewers association.
His recent work includes ‘Visions of a Blur’, an ongoing project re-assembling imagery and embellishing forms with a mutated language: ambiguous form that retains a strong sense of autonomy from its original context.


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